Things to Do if Your Carpet is Wet

Seeing that your carpet is suddenly drenched with water could be a frustrating problem that any carpet owner encounters over time. It may have occurred while you’re asleep or when you were at work. Despite how and when it occurred, the wet carpet could lead to extreme issues eventually. Meaning, you have to manage it as soon as you can or contact a company that offers carpet cleaning Tulsa to help you out. Here are some of the tips from the professionals about what to do once your carpet becomes wet:

Know the cause or source why your carpet became wet

Once your home wasn’t flooded due to natural instances, you must first search about the thing that possibly made your carpet to be drenched with water. Inspect your crawl space and basement to determine whether there is a leakage of water pipes. You also need to inspect the sinks below your bathrooms and kitchen and the place where your heater can be found. Once you notice any leak, immediately switch off the connection of water that leads to it and make sure to have it fixed or replaced before you turn on the water again.

Eliminate water from the carpet as quickly as you can

Once your carpet is drained with water, you should act quickly and spread a lot of blankets and towels all over the wet area and attempt to soak up as much water as you could. Once the saturation of the water got worse, it would require you to rent a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner and use it to handle sudden flooding problems. Try as much as you can to remove all the water out of your carpet.

Pull out furniture from areas with wet carpets

While you attempt and dry your carpet, you will need to remove your furniture away from the affected areas. This is to prevent your belongings to undergo extra water damage.

Install fans to make the drying process quick

After vacuuming as much water as you could, use fans, which are strategically placed, to make the drying process faster. If you do not have a regular fan, look for a company that offers fan rental services.

Clean your carpet using steam

For your carpet, you can rent a steam cleaner. This is a process that helps to sanitize and deodorize your carpet. If you can still smell unpleasant odors, it is recommended to keep doing this process until you have totally removed the odor.

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